Monday, April 16, 2012


How beautiful these are


Slowly Sun is becoming more and more hot.But trees are happy as they can store more energy from him.Very selfless.they return back to us only.Clouds store water in form of vapor and again return it to us as rain.But how much selfish we are.We cut Innocent trees for our multy-storied buildings drawing out all water
from earth without thinking of our future generation.Rivers are slowly getting dried-up due to the decrease
in ground-water level.We are cultured,civilised yet more selfish.We throw used water bottles with out care
which never decay.
Eco-friendly nature should develop among us thus helping our co-living beings.It is alarming to know about
the plastic-waste on our mother earth which animals are consuming due to the shortage of food and getting problems.
Let us be committed to save nature and save earth slogan