Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vooragaayala season

Very impressive Aavakaaya but many troubles by our Home-makers to make it for their beloved ones.
As soon as Mangoes start appearing in market they start planning for that years pickles.They plan for varieties to prepare..Ofcourse most common are Aavakaaya and Maagaaya.Later depending upon the tastes of their fasmily members they go for other types like Menthikaaya etc.
 They first plan for a good oil.Generally they prefer fresh one from Gaanuga.a country grinder ofcourse now with power.Initialy bullocks used to run them.Luckily at our place no dearth of such no-01 oil.
Next selection of Mangoes....very sour in taste...preferably Koththapalli kobbari for Aavakaya...king of pickles.For that they should be plucked on the same day of preparing pickle.We should not leave  them over-night.For Maagaaya Suvarnarakha is the best.
 Then comes selection of good mirchi powder,Aavagunda and Salt.In out place all are located in different sides of the city.Husband should roam around for them.Generally they pity their wives for the troubles taking for making pickles and priomise to bring all in gradients by them only.
Later they start repenting and try to avoid.Wife uses all four methods to get a success.
They offer aditional coffee for that SAAMA,promise a good recipe as Dhaana
cookink for them only as Bhedha..
Husbands yield without going for 4th one Dhandopasayam
Lastly I admire our home makers for their trouble taking project during this hot summer
They pray for Sun to be very hot during this season unlike usual one as to be cool in other times