Monday, July 30, 2012

Train accidents

Yesterday we felt horrified to note about the mis-fate of Tamilnadu express.More than 30 charred without knowing what is happening to them during their deep sleep.Opposition make it political.Who taskes the responsibility?Every one throw it to others..Nobody takes blame on them.There are many indicator alarms
but why are we not responding towards that side?After a major accident of Gouthami this one occurred within 3 yrs.
Now-a-days Train journeys also becoming risky like flights


  1. it is very horrible and indeed very sad. for every thing the political color became very comon nowadays.

  2. Railway people as usual through it as a terrorist act.But many coaches while undergoing repairs are not being supervised properly.
    A huge money is grabbed by officials

  3. Yes, very frequently we hear about train accidents. Some deep analysis and rectifying measures are essential.

  4. Yes.But our people are experts in hushing-up.Real culprits always escape.